Thursday, December 27, 2007

some dos and donts during chemotherapy from a well wisher

Some thoughts

Chemotherapy is not as bad as it sounds. Just that one needs to keep couple of things in mind so as to cope up with its side effects. All the below listed points are based on what I have seen and experienced during my mothers treatment.

Make yourself mentally strong to go through the process. Avoid all negative thoughts and just face it like any other treatment. Willingness to fight the odd is what would help you get over it soon
Family needs to be very supportive. It is the time when your loved one needs extra bit of love, affection, strength and most of all PATIENCE from you. While going through the treatment the patient wud have his/her own sets of lows and highs. He/she might get oversensitive at times or react in a manner that is not expected but then that should be handled well with the family members and after all its temporary and would soon be gone
Hair loss is another side effect. Some people experience in the first shot others get in 2nd or 3rd. But this thing is bound to happen. Not to miss that the hair are back the moment treatment is stopped. So one should not get worried about it. Hair fall is a sign of successful working of the medicine so in a way it’s good.
First 10 days after each cycle are crucial. Medicines make the blood cells go down and the patient becomes prone to catching infections. He/She might feel weak, nauseatic and the appetite too might go down. Mantra to handle this is short and light meals on regular intervals. People having any sort of infection should avoid getting close to the patient coz he/she might pick it fast. Pets with hair should be kept away. Blood cells start getting back to normal after 10-11 days and the energy levels for the patient automatically goes up. Just make sure that food intake is not hampered coz of any reason
Some people might get fever as well. Regular monitoring of the same needs to be done and doctor should be contacted incase it shoots up
One should not give up on socializing and meeting friends and relatives. Always remember that positive people will always get positive energy in you.


Make sure the room where the patient is placed is dust free.
Sheets, pillow covers, towels to be changed on regular intervals
While cleaning or dusting the room make sure the patient is not around
Pets should be kept away at least for first 10 days of each cycle
Patient should wash his/ her hands before eating anything
Patient’s meals should be prepared with utmost cleanliness and I am sure all of us practice the same in our normal lives as well. Just that some extra precaution needs to be taken to avoid any sort of infection


Nothing RAW to be consumed. Incidence of it carrying germs etc is high. During the entire treatment one needs to have only heated food. Fruits too should be avoided
Fresh juices and aerated drinks to be avoided. One needs to keep oneself fully hydrated so the patient will have to take regular intake of water and canned juices. Switch to boiled or sealed water (Aquafina, bisleri etc). Most of the times filtered water might coz stomach infection. Carry your own water very ever you go
Nothing to be consumed from outside till the time treatment is on.
Milk is a must, but the same can be avoided incase the patient has loose stomach or is experiencing nausea. Protein mixes can be added to the same
Coconut water is good but make sure that it is properly washed before a hole is dug to pour out its content. I glass a day would do wonders
Avoid hot drinks like tea and coffee
Sprouts can be consumed but only after boiling them. Vegetable too can be added to it inorder to enhance its taste, just that they should be finely chopped and should be heated well (sorte) before adding them to the sprouts.
Light meals on regular intervals to be taken in. But intake should not be stopped for any reason
Paneer again is a good source of protein. One can eat the same as a snack too. Just heat three to four slices in a pan, add salt and have it raw.
Patient can have anything as far as cooked food goes. Make sure you check with him/her before preparing the same. Taste buds also get affected during the treatment hence patient might not relish all that he or she used to. Patients also get fussy about food and that is where they will have to be handled liked kids.

Clothes and Hair

PURE Cotton is what needs to be worn during the entire treatment. Lot of heat is generated in the body and cotton clothes help reducing the same. Synthetic, mixed etc might make the patient uncomfortable. Try wearing loose clothes so that the body remains ventilated. For hair one can go for a wig. Make sure you go for the lightest one. Short hair cut is what I would recommend

Remember it’s just a phase and with Gods grace and blessing would soon pass away. All that is required is a strong will power and willingness to face the challenge. All the very best!!!

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